Library visit

We had a trip to Moor Allerton library this week and were lucky enough to have two stories read to us by the library staff. All the children enjoyed looking at the variety of books and it was lovely to be told by the staff that the class were so well behaved and a credit to the school ! Thank you to the mums and nana who helped out on the trip.
We are looking forward to our week in the Art Studio and we will report back next week and tell you all about it !


Space dome

On Monday all the children were really excited to go into the space dome and see all the planets close up and to learn more about space.
We have some welcome visitors to the classroom, FROGSPAWN ! The children have been interested in looking at them and can’t wait for them to become tadpoles.

Congratulations to Everley who won the red nose competition for Reception. She received a goody bag as her prize.

World Book Day

As usual it has been a busy week. We made rock buns on Tuesday, continuing our Space Topic. We had our PE, ICT and Singing lessons and most children brought their favourite books in on Thursday for World Book Day. We looked at everyone’s books and read some of them.


We have had a very busy first week back to school, Our topic is space and some children decided to make some models at home and bring them into show. We have been writing about “Aliens in underpants” and investigating different materials for astronauts space suits.

Tuesday saw all three reception classes having a PE, ICT and a  Music lesson, all classes really enjoyed it and are looking forward to next Tuesday.

Leaf !!!

Last week we were reading the book Leaf by Sandra Dieckmann. It involved a polar bear, crows, forest animals and a cave ( for more information ask your child).As part of the story we went out into the play ground and, using the resources in the Scrap shed, we were all tasked with building a cave.The children loved it and were very imaginative with their different cave designs. We also had our faces painted like a woodland animal. Here are just a few pictures to  give you a taster…………..  

Exploring 3D Shapes!

Following on from last weeks 2D shape focus, RKM have been discovering the properties of 3D shapes.

We have looked at a variety of shapes within the classroom, and today, we explored the outdoor area searching for 3D shapes in the environment!

We worked together as a team to discover 3D shapes that we might not have even noticed before! We found lots of shapes including Cylinders, Spheres, Cubes and Cuboids! We were so excited at finding so many!

Have a look at some pictures of our exploration of 3D shapes this week!

A Very Merry Christmas!

Well, what an incredible last week it has been! We have been making our Christingles for the service today, were treated to a delicious Christmas dinner, Santa replied to our letters and sent us an amazing class present, and we had a brilliant party day yesterday.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year, and hopefully Santa will bring you everything you ask for!



Christmas is coming

With the start of December, we have been teaching the children all about Advent this week, and went on a visit to our local church on Monday, where Reverend Jude told us all about the Christmas Story. We had a very special time, thank you Reverend Jude!

We have also been enjoying the Nativity role play area in our classroom, especially dressing up as all the characters.

We have also been busy writing letters to Santa, which we have posted. We are very excited about getting a reply!

This week we also made some gingerbread. We talked about the importance of washing our hands, weighed the ingredients, cut out the gingerbread and then baked and decorated them. Finally we ate them – they were delicious!


As if that wasn’t enough, we also squeezed in some time to make decorations for our class Christmas trees! We enjoyed making repeated patterns with the coloured paper and measuring them to see who made the longest one. Our classroom is now looking fabulously festive.


Finally, this week’s learners of the week were Benji and Sophie-Mae. Well done both of you, we are very proud of you.


We’re not afraid of the dark!

This week we built a dark cave in our classroom and did a science investigation all about shadows and reflection. We found out the best distance to hold a torch to make the best shadows, and that if you shine a torch onto a reflective surface the light bounces back. We were also really interested in the tetris light, and had to make sure the pieces touched each other so the electricity would pass through each block.


We have been writing independent sentences for our morning task, and are doing a great job of learning how to write our names without our name cards.


In maths, we have been using our adding machine to find the total of two numbers, and deciding how to record that in our books.


We have also been using our blending line to hang socks on which make words, and then having a go at writing the words down.

Finally, the learners of the week this week were Summer and Isabel. Well done girls, we are very proud of you!


Taken Over

This week we have been exploring colour by making pictures using marbling. WE talked about how the colours don’t mix with the water because they are oil-based, and were very impressed with all of the fabulous patterns we created.


Sticking to a pattern theme, we have been exploring repeating patterns in our Maths work this week. We made patterns with counters, compare bears and even the children! Can you guess what our criteria were?


We have started rehearsing our nativity too, and Miss Mayhew was so impressed with how brilliantly we are starting to learn our parts.


Finally, today we were ‘taken over’ by some of our Year 6 students, and they did a brilliant job teaching the class all day! Our learners of the week this week were Rowan and Aubrie, both for the great quality writing they are doing. Well done!