Libraries and Little Red Hens

On Wednesday this week, our class walked to Moor Allerton Library to have a look at their books. Here we are all ready to go!

It was Reception’s first trip out of school, and their behaviour was absolutely brilliant both on the walks to and from, and whilst we were at the library! Thank you to the parents who joined us too, your support was greatly appreciated.

Pie Corbett

This week we have been learning a Pie Corbett story with actions, The Little Red Hen. We did an absolutely amazing job of memorising all the words and actions, and were proud to show off to parents at this morning’s assembly!



Fire and Candles!

This week the firefighters came for a visit. The children thought of questions to ask them and were really great at listening and learning all about everything they do to help us. They particularly liked learning that firefighters often rescue children stuck in railings!


In class, we turned our home corner into a fire station and made a giant fire engine to play in – it looks amazing!

We have also been doing some brilliant writing this week, and learning all about estimating and making a sensible guess in Maths.

Some of the children have been really interested in the dinosaurs in the small world area, and have been looking up their names and matching them to our non-fiction dinosaur books. Next week we are going to make a dinosaur swamp!

Finally, we all had a fantastic time at our first assembly of the school year – thank you so much to all the parents who gave up their time to come along. We celebrated birthdays and chose our learners of the week – Leon and Murewa. If any of you children have any certificates for things they achieve at home, please do send them in so that we can celebrate these in our assemblies too. We are really looking forward to next week’s already!

Babies booming

Last week, we were learning all about babies in Reception. We looked at pictures of ourselves as babies (including Miss Mayhew!) and talked about the similarities and differences we could see. Lots of the children thought it was very funny that they had no hair!

Miss Mayhew as a child- can you guess which one I am?

We have also been continuing our fascination with the large outdoor building equipment, making obstacle courses for each other. This activity has kept the children engrossed for a significant period of time, and is fantastic for developing gross motor skills which are the basis for early writing and reading.

Another activity we have really enjoyed outside is getting some large containers for our water play, and splashing about in our wellies!

All About Us!

This week has been another busy time in reception. We have been looking at ‘Marvellous Me’ – thank you to all the parents who sent in a family photo, the children have really enjoyed looking at them with us, and talking about what makes them and their families unique, as well as what we all have in common. We have discussed our key value of ‘belonging’, and the children are beginning to recognise all of the different groups they belong to – from immediate and wider family to class, reception and the whole school.

This week we also started our WRI phonics sessions. We have learnt M, A, S, D and T already, and are doing a great job of writing the letters on our whiteboards.

In Maths, we have been looking at the numbers 1-5 in detail this week, as well as working on our number recognition and formation.

We have also really been enjoying the outdoor area – despite the rainy weather! The children made an obstacle course and had a brilliant time taking turns to go across it. It was fantastic to see their confidence and independence improve each time they completed the course!

Welcome to reception!

Well, what a busy week the children have had in Miss Mayhew’s class. There has been so much to explore and learn!

We have been introducing the children to all of our areas of provision, and they have been getting used to the busy routines of reception.

The children have also been learning about the houses and reward points in our school community, and love getting house points for doing jobs such as tidying up, and good listening on the carpet.

We can’t wait to see what happens next week!