Welcome to Reception class KM


Welcome to Reception class KM at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Miss Martin, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Happy Blogging!


This week we have been learning about elephants. We went on a treasure hunt on Monday and followed the clues. When we got back to class we put all the clues together and made an elephant!
Tuesday we had a Skype call from a zoo keeper who looked after elephants . The children were very interested in what she had to say and asked lots of questions.
Friday was Children in Need and the children came in sportswear. We started the day with a work out with Joe Wicks and then we had a picket outside for Anti Bullying Week, which we had made some posters for.
Its been a busy week and I am sure its just going to get busier and busier in the run up to Christmas !

Diwali and Barfi

On our return to school we set about learning about Diwali and one of the parents offered to come in to answer any questions the children may have had.
We also headed up to the cafe to make some Barfi, which is a lovely chocolate sweet dish The children enjoyed both making and tasting it.
Maths saw us learning about more and less and making sure we had lots of examples so we all understood.
As it was Bonfire Night this week, we all moved around the hall like fireworks , jumping, whizzing and sparkling!

Tidy !

This week we have continued to look at the book Tidy by Emily Gravett. The children have enjoyed looking at the book and turning it into another helicopter story.As usual all the children wanted to participate , so we acted the story out numerous times so all children were included.
This week Maths saw us sorting objects, into colour, shape and any other ideas the children had.
We were lucky enough to have PE in the Dance Studio this week. All the children were moving around like the animals in the Tidy story!

Drawing, Counting and Acting

Another busy week in RKM. We have been doing some observational drawings of leaves both inside and out.

Maths has been all about counting and putting numbers in the right order.

Friday was PE day so we all enjoyed acting out “GOING ON A BEAR HUNT” and we also tried lots of balancing and stretching exercises.

Numbers,numbers ,numbers.

This week we have been looking at or numbers and the different ways they can be represented. The children chose a number and then used pebbles, numicon, dominoes, ten frame and of course fingers to show the number.

We have been discussing what makes us unique and we came up with  class pledge WE CAN DO IT !  Following on from this we have been thinking about our helicopter stories  and our story this week was about 2 children who never gave up, even though they couldn’t skip, they kept on practising until they could! There was no shortage of volunteer actors and everyone was keen to participate.

Thank you to everyone that is listening to your child read on a regular basis, it is very much appreciated.

First trip to the Library and our PE lesson!

Well its been another busy week in RKM. We had our first trip to the library where we were introduced to Miss Whiteley. She told us how to handle the books and how to conduct ourselves in the library.

On Friday we got changed into our PE kit and headed off to the hall where we all moved round the room like an owl, swooping and flying around.All the children enjoyed themselves and I am sure we will get quicker and quicker at getting changed.

On Wednesday we had an interactive white board fitted which we started to use straight away. Its great for the children to see how letters and numbers are formed and then to have a go on the board themselves!

We have all got our reading books now, so please listen to your child read regularly.

Enjoy whats left of the weekend !

Phonics, Helicopter Stories and Fun !

It`s been another busy week in RKM.We have started our Read, Write Inc sessions, where the children learn all the sounds in readiness for reading.

The children have all been given a reading book, which I am sure you will encourage your child to look at with you and explain the pictures to you. Remember to fill in the reading record!

The topic book is The Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and the children have listened to the story, watched a video of the story and then we wrote down a gist of the story.On Friday we made a helicopter story out of the book, which means the children got chance to act the story out.There was no shortage of volunteers and all the children enjoyed the activity.

PE is starting this week so please remember your child’s kit and make sure its labelled.

Hers to another exciting and fun week in RKM.